Sunday, 30 September 2012

Morning at Suff's House...

Okay, so it's really afternoon/evening when I wake up.  I live/work from 5pm-5am SLT Sunday-Friday.  I wake up, grab my coffee, and go out onto my veranda.  I love my little piece of paradise, modifying it to my needs/wants, and to give those who live with me a little piece of tranquility and peace from our hectic lives in the city at Hard Alley.
Today, I am going to show you a new outfit from my dear friend Emms of [QE] Designs.  I loved her stuff before I got my "girls" worked on, so I have been OVERLY joyed that she not only decided to start making clothes for implants as well as the regular type, but also fell in love with her own pair of boobs (not talking about you, Cam and Aiden...LMAOOO).  She's not only putting out gorgeous high-quality stuff, but she's also making sure that the clothing layers don't peek out from under the appliers, thereby making the clothing look SO much more "right".
I hope you enjoy my pics... I didn't edit them much, except to put some sun in my hair and along my skin.  Clothing COMPLETELY untouched. 
This is my first blog like this, so be gentle;)

HOW is my coffee cup empty?

From the front... yes, I love my waterfall

From the back....
Skin: League - Taylor Deeptan (Burgandy)
Shape: Shape made by Candace Berg, modified by me
Eyes: FATEwear - FATEeyes v2.0
Hair: Truth - Chantelle (streaked) in Auburn
Hairbase: Truth - Auburn hairbase

Breasts: Lolas - Lolas Naturals
Skin Applier: L.Inc - League deeptan skin applier for LolasLashes: Crissy Designs - **Extreme Eyelashes**
Nails: Mandala - NAIL/female[MANDALA]Long (Palette 2)

Feet: Gaeline Shoes - *GA* Tip Toe Bare Feet

Top: [QE] Designs - Zipped Corset- Blueberry
Undies:[QE] Designs - Zipped Panties- Coal
: Amorous :  - Suspend Onyx Pearl Earrings (comes with necklace too)


Hi!  I should probably introduce myself a bit before attempting this feat of mass proportions for myself...LOL!

I am Suff Lockjaw (the whole name is Sufferingfrom Lockjaw... yes, yes, I know the name is funny if you see me in the adult locations I spend alot of my quality time), I wear many hats in SL: Madame of the House of Ill Repute brothel in Hard Alley sim, DJ and stripper at Hard Core Sex and Strip Club in Hard Alley sim, Public Relations for Hard Alley sim, Head of the Hard Alley Sluts, host of HardCore Karaoke (adult karaoke)....  Owner of Slut Couture Solutions, founder of Hunt for Your Inner Slut, occasional minister for adult-style  I am also a hopefully-future SL pornstar.  I also model and photograph SL erotica.  I have a few hobbies:)
I also am a connoisseur of fine SL sexual experiences, and also of detailed clothing of the risque and revealing type.  Just because I am a proud slut, does not mean I don't like beauty, texture, detail, and refinement in my sluttiness.
SOOOOO, all of this is saying, I am going to be blogging about awesome shit on SL that I like to wear, be around, do, etc.....  Mostly it will be a slut-fashion blog, but not your usual fashionista thing.  It's going to be my style, my "look of the day before I strip it off to have sex"