Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hi!  I should probably introduce myself a bit before attempting this feat of mass proportions for myself...LOL!

I am Suff Lockjaw (the whole name is Sufferingfrom Lockjaw... yes, yes, I know the name is funny if you see me in the adult locations I spend alot of my quality time), I wear many hats in SL: Madame of the House of Ill Repute brothel in Hard Alley sim, DJ and stripper at Hard Core Sex and Strip Club in Hard Alley sim, Public Relations for Hard Alley sim, Head of the Hard Alley Sluts, host of HardCore Karaoke (adult karaoke)....  Owner of Slut Couture Solutions, founder of Hunt for Your Inner Slut, occasional minister for adult-style  I am also a hopefully-future SL pornstar.  I also model and photograph SL erotica.  I have a few hobbies:)
I also am a connoisseur of fine SL sexual experiences, and also of detailed clothing of the risque and revealing type.  Just because I am a proud slut, does not mean I don't like beauty, texture, detail, and refinement in my sluttiness.
SOOOOO, all of this is saying, I am going to be blogging about awesome shit on SL that I like to wear, be around, do, etc.....  Mostly it will be a slut-fashion blog, but not your usual fashionista thing.  It's going to be my style, my "look of the day before I strip it off to have sex"



  1. Welcome to world of blogging Suff :-)
    I truly look forward to follow and read your blog! Best of luck with the project :D

    1. Thank you Malou! I am trying to keep up with it. I haven't covered EVERY day, but I will get there:)