Friday, 23 November 2012

My humps....

Okay, okay, I know.. I am once again behind on blogging.. so I am going to show you what I wore last night and today... because dear gods, this is one fucking HOT outfit, if I do say so myself.  And I am covered from neck to ankle....NOT SOMETHING YOU WILL SEE OFTEN!  lol ;)

The turtleneck from Cynful is really a dress that another blogger, Morgynn Hancroft of "Our Stories to Tell" Blog posted about recently (link to her post on this dress).  It's the only applier outfit I have seen at The Dressing Room, so this was REALLY a find for me.  With me being in Canada, I like to dress is something warm sometimes during the cold months, ya know.
The jeans from J'adore are the same kind I praised about on the last post, but in a black jean texture.  I had to get two good ass shots, using my own pose, "Check My Ass", because seriously... this is a mesh jean you WANT to check the ass of.  
The necklace is something I have owned for a long time, and it just felt right for this outfit.  It's from Alchemy Immortalis, which is a store with a little of everything that's been around longer than me, and has always been ahead of its time:)  Look them up sometime if you like something a little different from the norm, especially if you are Pagan:)


Hair: Truth - Savina/w roots (Mesh) in Auburn
Nails: Mandala - NAIL/female[MANDALA]Long (Palette 2)
Makeup (eyes): Glamorize - Back to Basics in Wheat for the makeup/Coco Chic for the lips and blush/Kitty Makeup Kit for the liner and beauty mark


Shirt: [Cynful] - Vale's Turtleneck Dress - jacket layer in long sleeve, underwear layer to "tuck in" to jeans
Jeans: [J'adore] - Skinny Jeans in Black (medium)
Shoes: PixelMode - Fae Wedge [D] in Black
Necklace: Alchemy Immortalis - Aix-la-Chapelle Talisman in Happiness sigil
Earrings (not really shown): Alchemy Immortalis - Sephira Teardrop Cabochon Jewelled

POSE (had to mention it...LOL)

Erotipose- Check My Ass

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cougar in the morning, Cheetah in the night

LOL  old American saying, and it's ALMOST but not QUITE true of me;)  I have a permanent "hall pass" *giggles*.  The name just came to me though for this, considering that these absolutely STUNNING mesh pants are just...   well, I don't wear cheetah print often, but tell me this doesn't just make you want to curl something against my ass?:D
Now, these jeans I have on? ALL of the different prints and colors are beautifully done, and MESH JEANS THAT FIT MY ASS, hell yes.  They not only fit, but they don't flatten me.  I am wearing the medium, and as you can tell, I am not thin...  usually for something like this, I have to wear an L or XL, and there's that nasty alpha gap... NOT IN THESE!  Get you some... seriously.. Get over to this store and buy out her jeans. I am SO in love with these things.
The shirt was bought for me by one of my lovers....  which is funny, because it's called a boyfriend shirt.  He definitely won brownie points with this little present. I have already gotten tons of compliments, and all I did was sent that second pic..LOL!

I know I have been quiet on here, but my Hunt for Your Inner Slut is coming up soon (THREE MORE DAYS!!!!), so I have been working hard to get it all in place and ready to go...  AND... AND.. I opened my own store, Erotipose, at Hard Alley landing zone.  So I have been a little all over the place;)

Just resting a bit:)

Nothing says "sexy" like only an Oxford shirt...  except maybe a few less buttons;)


Me with a few of my cocks...LOL


Hair: Truth - Chantelle Streaked in Auburn
Nails: Mandala - NAIL/female[MANDALA]Long (Palette 2)
Makeup (eyes): Glamorize - Back to Basics in Black

Shirt: *Airflow* - Boyfriend Shirt for lady
Jeans: [J'adore] - Skinny Jeans in Gold Cheetah
Feet: Gaeline Creations - *GA* Tip Toe Bare Feet
Earrings: Not sure of the store..  (SS)>Chysalis Black

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wishing on a Star

Ya know, most girls "grow up" from newbiehood, planning on getting into a 5-meter wide-skirted white wedding gown and getting those obligatory happy-couple pics done during their wedding reception, the perfect engagement/wedding ring set from JCNY,  the 1/4 sim land parcel with kids' shit scattered everywhere, the constant shopping at Indyra and and Stiletto Moody.... you get the idea.
Mine was to become a big name in the adult community.  I know, I am strange, but everyone's gotta have a dream, right?  lol.  I am slowly getting there, bit by bit.  
So, today I decided to visit one of the places I plan on having my name someday.... on the Pornstar walk of fame at Erotique.  Yes, yes, people... there is an actual SL porn community, and they have their OWN Hollywood Walk of Fame.  These are really awesome people who, like me, enjoy the artistry of erotica in both photography and film.
So, today I am showing off BoobieLicious' November group gift dress.  This awesome little number is a sexy little stretched lace number, with a nice peek of black-lace-edged pink bra and panties underneath.  I am REALLY impressed with the work on this one.  I DID have to adjust the top a little because of how I have the Girls sitting, but I really like how it looks. For those who are wondering how to adjust an applier top....  right click your boobs, hit Edit...  then in the edit window, click Select Face, click the front of the boobs (where the shirt front is)... then this is how I have my top set:
Repeats per Face
Horizonal: 1.4000
Vertical: 0.7000
skip down to Texture Offset, make sure it's at this:
Horizontal: 0.00
Vertical: 0.00

These numbers will work with this dress, not with ALL dresses... just tweak different outfits like this whenever you need a little more or less coverage, or feel like something just needs to be changed a bit. Uniqueness is a good quality on SL:)
Nothing like a walk amongst the stars
Cleaning off a little spot on their stars;)

I DO have a love for my

Nothing wrong with a little dreaming;)

Hair: Truth - Miranda Streaked in Auburn
Nails: Mandala - NAIL/female[MANDALA]Long (Palette 2)
Makeup (eyes): Glamorize - Back to Basics in Black
Makeup (lips): Glamorize - Coco Chic (lips layer)

Dress: BoobieLicious - My November Group Gift LookThrough Dress 2
Shoes:  PixelMode - Fae [D] in Black
Earrings: PurpleMoon - Viola Earrings in Gold