Friday, 23 November 2012

My humps....

Okay, okay, I know.. I am once again behind on blogging.. so I am going to show you what I wore last night and today... because dear gods, this is one fucking HOT outfit, if I do say so myself.  And I am covered from neck to ankle....NOT SOMETHING YOU WILL SEE OFTEN!  lol ;)

The turtleneck from Cynful is really a dress that another blogger, Morgynn Hancroft of "Our Stories to Tell" Blog posted about recently (link to her post on this dress).  It's the only applier outfit I have seen at The Dressing Room, so this was REALLY a find for me.  With me being in Canada, I like to dress is something warm sometimes during the cold months, ya know.
The jeans from J'adore are the same kind I praised about on the last post, but in a black jean texture.  I had to get two good ass shots, using my own pose, "Check My Ass", because seriously... this is a mesh jean you WANT to check the ass of.  
The necklace is something I have owned for a long time, and it just felt right for this outfit.  It's from Alchemy Immortalis, which is a store with a little of everything that's been around longer than me, and has always been ahead of its time:)  Look them up sometime if you like something a little different from the norm, especially if you are Pagan:)


Hair: Truth - Savina/w roots (Mesh) in Auburn
Nails: Mandala - NAIL/female[MANDALA]Long (Palette 2)
Makeup (eyes): Glamorize - Back to Basics in Wheat for the makeup/Coco Chic for the lips and blush/Kitty Makeup Kit for the liner and beauty mark


Shirt: [Cynful] - Vale's Turtleneck Dress - jacket layer in long sleeve, underwear layer to "tuck in" to jeans
Jeans: [J'adore] - Skinny Jeans in Black (medium)
Shoes: PixelMode - Fae Wedge [D] in Black
Necklace: Alchemy Immortalis - Aix-la-Chapelle Talisman in Happiness sigil
Earrings (not really shown): Alchemy Immortalis - Sephira Teardrop Cabochon Jewelled

POSE (had to mention it...LOL)

Erotipose- Check My Ass