Saturday, 28 September 2013

Autumn Tones

I think we all have come to the conclusion that I suck as a blogger...  it's not that I don't want to blog, because I love my look and I have SOOO many outfits I get that I absolutely love... but I am lazy.  And forgetful. And easily sidetracked by new ideas and hot men.

I mean.. ummm.. yeah, no, I did mean that.  LOL

SO, on Thursday, the newest Going Bust sidewalk sale at Cleavage sim started, and this beautiful stunning dress is on SALE right now ( for 100L, and worth it!).  I love finding a dress that looks good with my old-but-always-pretty Alchemy Immortalis medallion (I don't know if you all have figured this out, but I love that store!  hee)

I will admit one thing... I normally do NOT edit outfits in photos, I DID edit ONE section of the dress in the second picture (the one with the Disparity logo sign behind me).. the skirt prim.  I always have an issue  with skirt prims not fitting right, even after editing.  I have seen other people who were able to wear them flawlessly, so it might be because of how thick I run my leg numbers:)  So I wanted to 'fess up to it.  I hate when people edit clothing in pics in these kinds of blogs, but also honesty goes a long way;)

The last pic is one I made, called "It Takes Time to Build Castles".  I love that saying, it holds true throughout my life.


Skin: Izzie's - Harlow in Sunkissed
Body: Shape by me
Hair:: Truth - Briony w/Roots - Carrot
Nails: Slink - Slink Avatar Enhancement - Basic Fingernails
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Columbia in Pearl
Boobs: Lola Tangos with an Izzie's skin applier

Dress~Sassy!~ - Rockin' Dress with Appliers in Olive (ON SALE NOW TIL MON, SEPT 30!)
Necklace:  Alchemy Immortalis - Aix-la-Chapelle Talisman, happiness sigil [v1.2]
Ring: ) Alchemy Immortalis ( - "Foy Porter" Unisex Ring, Sapphire + Silver
Earrings: ) Alchemy Immortalis ( - "Ami amet deli pencet" dangle earring
Boots: HOC - Thigh Boots  

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