Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bounce Your Boobies

((Because... it HAD to be sung to this))

SOOO!!!!  Most of you know that Cleavage sim is now open...  for those who are going "Cleavage?? Is that a new sex sim?", no...lol.  It's a new shopping experience for those of you who wear breast implants, and those who love buying presents for those who wear breast implants:D  YES, it's mostly Tangos and Lola 2.5, with some Mused and Lush mixed in, but these are some of the best stores out there, all come together in one happy location.  It's mostly clothes, but there are a few stores (like my humble little Erotipose) that cater to the boobies but don't have the talent/patience/sanity left for the clothing-making;) 

I am SO, SO, SO freakin' stoked about this sim, folks.  I am hoping someday to be able to afford a bigger mainstore so I can set out more poses, and I think that Cleavage is going to be able to help make that happen.. if not on their sim, at least it will give me the start to let me know if I can make it in the SL business world again.  

This pretty little shirt is from sexZ, one of the owners of the Cleavage sim.  This is not only the grand opening of the sim, but also the grand opening of her ingame store (she was just on Marketplace before).  The jeans are another of my favorite jeans from J'adore, who is the other owner of the sim.  The pose is from me (one of my favorite ones..LOL).  I wanted to bring as much CLEAVAGE into this as I possibly could:D

On with the pics!

Me outside my store, Erotipose

Beside the main square area.

At home, just wanted to get that last pic in..LOL


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/  - Kamiko Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Cinnamon
Nails (not worn in the first pic, because I was lazzzyyyy): [MANDALA] - NAIL PALETTE 2/LONG Female

Shirt: ..:sexZ:..-CropTop_GreenStripes 2 (ON SALE, in the warehouse at Cleavage, for  65L!)
Jeans:  [J'adore]  - Plain Skinny Jeans Blue M
Heels:  HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos
Earrings: MANDALA - (small)[RINNE EARRING(Glacier silver)
Glasses: AXL Pro - FASHION l Executive Glasses - Group Gift 

Pose: Erotipose - Waiting for a John

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