Monday, 4 February 2013

Nostalgia and Sparkles

No, I am not talking about reminiscing over some damn Twilight book....LOL!

Many many lifetimes ago, when I was but a hormonal barely-adult girl-woman, I was a Floridian.  And every  year around this time, when the snow is up to my ass in the backyard and we are waiting for the next onslaught of snow and wind, I get a little homesick for my childhood home....  for the jetties, the packed beaches, the sand dunes, and searching for driftwood and shells while barefoot, carrying my shoes in my hand so I can feel the soft squish of the sand between my toes.

Of course, reminding myself how much I hate Florida in the summer (120F/49C) with 100% humidity in the air without rain...  helllllll  nah.  Bring on the fuckin' blizzards.

SL helps with the nostalgia without the plane trip and reminders of why I left.  LOL!

So, today I bring you an ensemble I would have worn when I was last home, especially after a date and a few drinks, followed by a walk by the dunes (hey, it's still called a walk if you leave with sand in other places, right?  Right.)  J'adore has put out this Sparkle Tank, which is just absolutely stunning:)  The skirt is from Blueberry and has become a staple piece of my wardrobe, as it comes with both modest and smaller alphas, which I can use for "peek a boo" shots.  The bracelets are from my sister Tempest Jewell's store, ~TEMPESTUOUS~...  and they are REALLLY quite nice!  They complimented this perfectly, so she sent them to me JUST at the right time:D  And the shoes.. omfg, the shoes.  The new Gos Boutique line of shoes are just stunning, and easy even for my color-matching-disabled self to handle.  Ohhh thank you so much for making these.  LOL!

And let me not forget to mention the scene I am using.  Studio Skye has been one of my favorite places to get beautiful textures for my homes and builds, and some of their own builds such as this make the hobby photographer in me SOOOOO happy. This baby is PACKED with 3 menu-screens full of poses...  and it's easily adjustable too.  I haven't bought it, I am doing these pics from their display spot.  When I can afford it as well as figure out a smaller-primmed mesh home that I like, I am going to set this up in a scene in the sky:D

SO on with the show!:D


Skin: League - Taylor Deeptan
Body: Custom design by Candace Berg, modified by me
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/  - Sybille2 Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Burgandy
Nails : Pixel Mode - Siamond Edition Mesh Nails
Makeup: Janis - Color of Love Beauty Box (Combo 3 and Lips 2)
Eyelashes 1: MG - Wild Full Thick B 
Eyelashes 2: Crissy Designs - Extreme Eyelashes
Eyes: Curio - Tragic Eyes - Light Grey ( WELCOME BACK TO SL!!!!!!!!!!!  We missed you!)
Boobs: Lola Tangos with a League skin applier

Shirt: J'adore - Sparkle Tank - Night
Skirt: Blueberry - Alice *Mesh* Skirt - Black
Heels:  Gos Boutique - Grace Sandals - Black Patent
Bracelets: ~TEMPESTUOUS~ - NAGRANDE Bangles (unisex)
Earrings: Pixel Mode - Pearl Earrings (Group Gift July 21, 2011)  ((YES I know, you can barely see them, but they are there..LOL)

Scene: Studio Skye - Driftwood Beach Den (You can get it on Marketplace HERE)

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