Thursday, 27 December 2012

She Will be Loved

I have decided to start doing themes for special sets such as this..  dedicated to two people who made me feel loved today.  One who is a lover, one who is a friend.  Thank you for making me feel beautiful, and for making me smile.  You know who you are, mostly because I am gonna give this link to you both and hit ya with a 2x4 so you know it's you;)  (Hey, they are both men, we all know men don't get subtle hints..LOL)

Christmas tends to be a rough time of year for me.  Holidays were sacred when I was a child, but since most of my RL family is now in the Third Life, Christmas has lost most of the important meaning for me.  Usually I try to celebrate it in some way in SL, but this year I lost my SL home 2 times in a row (I can't complain really, I wasn't paying rent but was living at both places under the generosity of others).  Another friend has lent me some space in his sky, where I was able to put down a little house with the tree and kitchen and living room, but the last home loss kinda put the nail in the coffin of Christmas for me, I guess.

A few people knew it was kind of rough, and one of my dear playmates gave me my first gift this season....  a strapon.  Not your traditional gift from a guy to his female playmate, but he knew I wanted one..LOL!  And no, I won't be modeling that on here... hey now, I HEARD those sighs of relief!  LOL

The second friend was who gave me the outfit I am going to model on here today.  He asked me to choose three things.  I needed more boob-friendly hair, so I chose a Wasabi Pills hair I had been eyeing for awhile.  A pair of HOC boots I have been looking at went onto the list, and after some consideration, I decided to try a store I had never seen before, Paradisis, (it's been around since 2007... HOW did I miss it before????) for a turtleneck sweater.  The scarf was something I had in my inventory that I fell in love with a long time ago, and I haven't worn in awhile... it just added a bit more color.

Of course, I paired all this with my favorite HOC mini skirt.. because it just worked;)

Enjoy the song, and the pictures:)  Oh yeah, hopefully the beautiful portrait of me naked (done by Jinx Jiersen... it always ends up above my mantel in all my homes now..LOL) makes up for the full coverage of clothing for my pornstar

Hair:/Wasabi Pills/  - Sybille2 Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Cinnamon
Glasses: AXL Pro - FASHION l Executive Glasses - Group Gift

Top: PARADISIS -  Skinny Sweater  in Anis
Skirt: HOC Industries - Pleated Skirt
Boots: HOC Industries - Noir Boots Viewer 2.0
Scarf: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Scarf :: PRIMAVERA :: (from a Mix and Match Hunt)

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