Thursday, 28 April 2016


Dedicated to all the girls in SL

Opinions, in both worlds, are like assholes; everyone has one, but we all prefer if people keep their opinions to themselves.  In both worlds, I have had comments made about my appearance: Boobs are too big, hair is too red, freckles are ugly, body is too fat.  Yes, I get those comments in both worlds, because my SL avatar is just a taller, healthier version of my RL self (okay, my RL eyes are goldish-brown, not silver-grey... and my ears aren't slightly pointy  
I like who I am, in both worlds.  It took me MANY years to get to that point, where I can look at myself and go, "You'll do".  Everyone should have at LEAST that place in life, where they can look in the mirror and NOT hear other people's opinions.  Noone else's opinion matters, except YOURS.  Not even the person who you spend life with; even they can be wrong.  
One of the things I love about this dress I have on, by Rachel Swallows Creations, is the simplicity to it but how it shows off the beauty of a curvy body.  I adore the side-boob shot so much;)
I have been meaning to buy this hair from Truth for awhile, and this dress called for it for some reason.  I know it's moths, not butterflies as I would wish for, but it works.  My ONLY complaint about them, is that there are not more color choices.... but the headband without the moths works well too:)

Body: Belleza Isis (bought)
Head: Catwa Jessica (basic expressions) (bought)
Shape: my own
Hair: .TRUTH HAIR Polilla - Gingers  [SLURL]  [MP]
Ears: [MANDALA] - STEKING_EARS_Season5 (pixie shape) [SLURL] [MP]
Brand(Tat): Diabolique Designs - custom tattoo, IM masterdiabolique resident for orders! (bought)
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Apex [SLURL]
Makeup: Dark of the Moon Body Shop - MakeUp Kit Catwa Lipstick -Pack of Reds  (Pushing Daisies Event!)

Dress: Rachel Swallows Creations ~ SIMPLICITY GOWN [SLURL] [MP]
Shoes: Rachel Swallows Creations -Wicked Heels Tangle Shoes [SLURL] [MP]
Ring:JCNY - 'UN-BREAKABLE, iEngrave, Hyper-Gems Combo Ring 2.0 (deffo paid for;) )
Earrings: Reverie - Box of Charms - French Heiress Earrings (GACHA PRIZE) [SLURL]
Necklace: Indulge Temptation! - (Pushing Daisies Event!) [SLURL]