Friday, 26 August 2016

Vacation Time!

So, I won a WHOLE month of free blogger group access from Tres Chic!!!!  Yesssahhh!  I have been planning for weeks to get this blog back to working, and I have several tasty little bits coming up, but I HAD to pay homage to this beautiful gift from the event coordinators!  You all work hard, and after months of me being sick in RL, coming back into SL and winning that on Facebook meant SO much more to me than you know:)  <3

 So, in this blog post will be LOADS of Boating goodness, for the theme of Tres Chic!  I am actually quite happy, as I have been meaning go to on a little "Vacation" on Second Life, and now I am dressed for it!  Stay tuned for some more stuff soon:D

As you might noticed if you have followed me in the past, I have changed my regular skin.  I switched back and forth between Izzies and League for years, but since I can't get appliers for Belleza, Catwa, or Omega at League, and I can't get Omega appliers at Izzies, I have changed my standard skin.  If any of my few readers know them, put a fire under their  Belleza and Catwa and Omega-ready items have been around for over a year, time to catch up!:)
Sorry, had to get that little vent out of the

Although I DO have to say this Pink Fuel skin is divine!  SOOO many freckle options, I am so happy:D  The hair is recent as well, I have been craving more pigtails, and these braids are perfect:)

I didn't put the house and decor info in this one, but if you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask and I will tell you anything you wish to know, as this is my regular house.  I am adding some more soon, but this is the doorway out to my pool, so it felt appropriate.

Mesh body: Belleza Freya
Mesh head: Catwa Jessica
Shape: Mine
Tattoo: Diabolique Designs - Custom design, no inworld store anymore but his MP is here
Body Skin: [Pink Fuel] <Biscuit> - BELLEZA Body Applier (CURVY)  ((freckles at setting #3, I think.. lol)
Head skin: [Pink Fuel] <Biscuit> - Morgana - CATWA 'JESSICA' Head Applier 
Eyes: .ID. Deep Gaze Eyes / Gray 
Haire: TRUTH HAIR Satyra 2 (gingers)

Lips: < nova > Jade Lipsticks I - CATWA APPLIER (lip #3) 
Nails: Deesses Boutique: Belleza - Black Edition - finger/ toe nails ((Nail #2))

Top: Legal Insanity - Dotty tank top navy (TRES CHIC EVENT)
Shorts: Legal Insanity - Legal Insanity - Dotty high waiste shorts black  (TRES CHIC EVENT)
Cardigan: Asteria - "Michelle"Belleza Freya Cardigan Hanging Shoulder-Black  (TRES CHIC EVENT)
Nose Ring: POMPOSITY - Gemstone Stud Nose Piercing - LEFT
Necklace: [Modern Couture] Jewelry - Tamara Necklace Purple (TRES CHIC EVENT)
Glasses: //Mulloy - Pallermo Sunglasses (Only Facebook for now, no SL store) (TRES CHIC EVENT)
Shoes: [Avenge] Anchor Flip Flop R (unrigged version) - blue (TRES CHIC EVENT)
Left Ring: JCNY - 'UN-BREAKABLE, iEngrave, Hyper-Gems Combo Ring 2.0
Right Ring: :::ChicChica::: Her lock ring (MARRY ME GACHA)
Bag: airbag - Summer BEACH Bag 1

Pose by me (custom by Erotipose)

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