Monday, 29 August 2016

Take Me To Church

Take Me To Church - Hozier (dancer: Sergei Polunin)

Forenote: this was originally written MONTHS ago...  like about 8 months ago,  Somehow, I lost my stylenotes, although I did all the writing and editing of the pics.  The pictures though came out too lovely to toss away, so I am taking it out of the draft bin and publishing it.  I am not sure why I never published it, I thought I did.  lol  But it was a shame to just trash it.  If you read through the writing, you can easily figure out what is what;)


Hi again, everyone!  I had FULL plans on keeping this blog up to date, and then my health went downhill and my computer's ability to run SL followed shortly thereafter.  After months of one illness after the other, I am still not fully recovered but I am doing well enough to get back to work:)  And my computer issues seem to be resolved *looks around for some real wood to knock on*.

I was looking for MY version of the perfect school girl outfit, to make my husband/Master's first reaction be "DAMN, time to go to bed!"...  Even though circumstances kept up from going to bed, I still think his first reaction was pretty close to it *grins*

I started off with the skirt.  We all know that Blueberry is a fantastic clothing designer, and this skirt is testament.  I know the closeup shot I did of the skirt has my hand in my thigh, but I took it to show the DETAIL work.

I was looking for a different style of shirt, something more fitmesh, then this one caught my eye, from F'N'HawT.  You can wear it with or without the bra (I was being a lady today *snorts*).  It worked nicely with the look I was going for:)

The shoes.....  I met this lady through my hunt (Hunt for Your Inner Slut) and just automatically hit it off with her.  She does amazing work.  ClarityMoon is one of her businesses, and the clothing and accessories she makes keep getting better and better:)  The detail on the socks just made me happy, I was searching for an hour for THIS type of sock when I found these and went "OHH!  I KNOW HER!"  lol.  Awesome job on these, Mysti! <3.

I was looking, and asking in the Sexiest Pornstars group, for an adult sim that would allow me to rez (for my pose stand) and take pictures.  I wanted it to be a BDSM sim, somewhere where people could do naughty pics, possibly have some sexy fun if they were in the mood, and Cyprian was perfect.  Look at that little church, doesn't it look innocent?  lol

Little girl, lost in the woods

Looking all innocent.  lol

Gratuitous ass shot (pose made by me... not in this altar)

Oh hello there (pose made by me... not in this altar)

A little closer shot of the lacework on the bra, and my necklace and collar

Closer shot of the skirt, ignore my

Pretty, pretty nail polish!

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