Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dating Myself

As some of you who know me already know, I am older than my  My real rezday is June 24, 2006 (I celebrate both avatars' days, because both are special to me), and I am also almost 40 IRL.  Because of this, I tend to enjoy certain finer things in life...  like theatres, older music, gardens, complexly designed old builds in Second Life... and the place I am shooting at today, combines all of these into one happy little sim called Angel Manor.

It's really 2 sims, in which The Rose Theatre/Palace of the Arts is located...  with manicured gardens, pools, fountains, library, area you can buy stuff's not the typical adult sim you find me in, but I like to escape to this place from time to time and just sit.

Right now, it's in its 4th rebuild, and it's quite stunning.  This is alot of love, and from a lowly little builder such as I, it fucking blows my mind.

But enough about builds and culture and stuff, let's get to the clothing, which I know is the real reason all three of you are going to read this for...LOL

I have been wearing this dress from Milk quite often.  It comes in really handy for covering up for going out in non-adult public, as well as attempting to gain the interest of a sexy guy who seems to be packing some of the other finer things I crave;)  I wasn't sure about the leggings at first, but they actually look good with this, I think.  Any kind of leggings will do, they tends to go in and out of fashion in the fall where I live, so I always keep several pair in my closet to toss on with a long sweater, which is what I wear this dress as when not being a perverted sex-craving woman.  Oh wait, that's all the time..LOL!

Just a little idea of the beauty of the outside.  Yeah, the Canadian in me is celebrating Autumn, can you tell?
Alot closer to me.... Sorry, no bread, don't peck me!

Shooting fountains....  not sure why I am thinking of some friends of mine:D

Look at that shine! 

Skin: League - Taylor Deeptan (Burgandy)
Shape: Shape made by Candace Berg, modified by me
Eyes: FATEwear - FATEeyes v2.0
Hair: Truth - Briony w/ Roots (auburn)
Hairbase: Truth - Auburn hairbase
Breasts: Lolas - Lolas Naturals
Skin Applier: L.Inc - League deeptan skin applier for LolasLashes: Crissy Designs - **Extreme Eyelashes**
Nails: Mandala - NAIL/female[MANDALA]Long (Palette 2)

Dress: *Milk* - My Date Night Dress Black 1
Leggings: [Sassy Kitty Designs] - Harlequin Cut Out Leggings Taupe L 1
Shoes:  Kila Designz - 1000 member gift
Ring: ) Alxchemy Immortalis - "Foy Porter" Unisex Ring, Sapphire + Silver [C]
Bangles:  diabolica Alderson - Bangles Black
Earrings - JCNY - FALL Collection #1, Group Gift, Earring

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