Monday, 29 October 2012


I logged the other night, completely forgetting that it was Hard Alley's Masquerade Ball night....  fortunately, I had a dress I knew I would want to wear for such an occasion, but no mask.  I ran through Marketplace, and found nothing that matched, went through a couple stores in a hurry.... still nothing.
Finally I went back to Marketplace and realized that one of the masks I DID kinda like was modifiable.  I decided to go ahead and get it, as it was relatively cheap, and see if I could make it work.
The color tinting I did on it worked pretty well, so I went with it.  I got a few compliments, so I figured I would toss it on here:)
The dress is a group gift from Purple Moon that I have worn several times, and it always gives just the right touch.  My only complaint about dresses such as this, is that you have to wear the system skirt.  I LOATHE system skirts, but at least on this dress, it doesn't make me look as pregnant as most do.

All I need is a whip...  hey, it would have worked for THIS

Showing off my shinies

Hair: Chantelle in auburn
Nails: Mandala - NAIL/female[MANDALA]Long (Palette 2)


Dress/gloves: :: PM :: Marlene Gown -13000 Members Group Gift
Shoes:  Similar - Savona Shoe Black Patent OTF
Necklace/Earrings/Ring: :: PM :: Cycle dans la Chocolaterie Set
Mask: Maskitira - Masquerade MIDNIGHT SILVER feather mask

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