Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pussy and Keyloggers

I didn't want people to think I forgot about blogging, so I present a picture of my pussy.  I know, I know, everyone who knows me has seen my pussy, but I just love showing her off...  my pussy makes me so happy.

She only LOOKS innocent.....

Okay, so that's not the pussy most of you see...LMAOOOOOO!

Thursday night/Friday morning was a good time for me... I worked a bit on some projects (I am still catching up on everything I have promised at one time in the last year..LOL), took some photos for a friend who needs a new profile pic (I still need to finish editing them,, had some quality time with a hot guy, did some laundry (said guy friend just laughed, I am sure), and made dinner for RL hot guy;)

The Friday night, I got a Skype keylogger virus...  Yes, folks, if you have Skype and you are getting funky messages from your friends saying something like "lol is this your new profile pic?", then DON'T CLICK THAT SHIT! (don't click that link NOW either, dammit).  In my fogged-out tired little moment, I didn't think and I clicked the link from a close friend of mine.... and then like a complete fucking moron, I downloaded the attachment and even unzipped it.  Yeah, did you hear that loud facepalm?  

IF YOU DID THE SAME THING (it's okay, I am admitting this stupidity of mine, to save my friends' computers), you need to watch this YouTube video (yes, you can click THIS ... it's a video from a Skype moderator dude who tells you how to fix your computer and make sure you aren't passing it on to all your friends.  Feel free to tell your friends about this virus, it's a new version of a Skype keylogger, and you SERRRIIOUSLY don't want that crap on your comp.

SOOOOO today will be dedicated to fixing my computer some more.  Yeah, I feel like a newb.  I have been online since 1988, before the internet was public... I should know better.

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