Monday, 10 December 2012

Here Without You

Yeah, normally I don't tag songs in these, but my mind is on someone today, as he goes through some health problems.   I went to karaoke, so I wouldn't feel alone, and in my heart, he was beside me while I sang this.  I know, fucking mooshy ass shit, but if you know me, you know I do mooshy with the practical, hand in hand.  lol  You know who you are...  wish I could make you feel better, because I miss ya this morning:)

Now, onto what I am wearing at karaoke (YES....I am at karaoke..  ffs, I have my weird and music.  LOL).  I got this lovely new dress from [QE] Designs, and since I am still horribly addicted to these HOC boots and my tights I got for 10L from Marketplace (or I could be just lazy, you decide), I decided to wear them with the dress.  Considering that the karaoke I am at ( ~O~ Lounge) is on a moderate sim, I gotta cover the kitty, dontcha know.

Took this pic after I finished singing.. yeah, I got up on the stage.  It's okay, only 2 people were here..LOL

Just a little Christmas Decorating

Someone, call PETA!!!!

Hair: Truth - Chantelle Streaked in Auburn

Dress: [QE] Designs - High Waisted Dress in Olive
Tights: [VG] - 'Spandex Tight' in Black - Underpant Layer
Boots: HOC Industries - Thigh Boots

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