Sunday, 16 December 2012

Just a Small Town Girl

Okay, I am going to be telling you all about 2 SL friends of mine, who are best friends and starting an absolutely fabulous business venture together.  I am speaking of Elle Claven (elle.caerntown) of J'adore and Zee (kantatas) of sex'Z, who are soon to be opening up a WHOLE sim SOOOOO devoted to boobs that it's called Cleavage.  That's right, boys and girls... a WHOLE shopping experience, with stores that cater to the tatas, in such an appropriately named sim;)  

The awesome thing that has made this even more awesome is that one of them is from the UK and one from Canada (in the same province as myself, even! Viva la Qu├ębec!), something that would not have been as possible 15, 20 years ago.  Seeing these two work together is something that really warms the heart....and it shows when I saw the sim yesterday.  

It's NOT quite done yet, but I can see the influences of each of their cultures.  The end closest to J'adore has more of a British feel, with a colonial-style store for Elle's business and the buildings nearest it "feel" more in tune with that building.  The closer you get to Sex'Z, you can see more of an urban quality, and as I live near Montreal, I can see more of an Old Montreal feel, with the cobbles, urban buildings, and the faux apartments above the stores:)

I SERIOUSLY cannot wait to see this sim officially open, and they ARE renting spots, so all of you with boobie-related businesses (implant clothing, jewelry that is boobie-friendly, etc) better get in touch with one of these two fine ladies and snatch up a spot before there is NO room left in Cleavage! *giggles... oh yeah, the puns are gonna be rolling soon*.

So, to the outfit....  I saw this little scooter outside Zee's store, and I had to have it.  SURPRISE! It was free on Marketplace!  I LOVE me some freebies that are nice!  The top is a beautiful little piece from sex'Z that just screamed to be worn with a mini skirt or shorts, so I opted for a brand new mesh miniskirt for myself, from Blueberry.  I had just bought these boots and jewelry from League, and the new hair from Wasabi Pills just fit perfectly.  Honestly, this is something I would have worn when I was younger... well, okay, IRL I wore it longer, but you get the idea *giggles*.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Cinnamon
Nails: OMFG, I am wearing no nails!  OMGOMGOMGOMG *giggles*
Makeup: Glamorize - Back to Basics in black, I  SL has been trippy
Glasses: AXL Pro - FASHION l Executive Glasses - Group Gift
Scooter: PREFABRICA - Zoomer SGP50 - v1.0 (FREE ON MARKETPLACE!!!)


Top: ..:sexZ:..- Bustier_Black_Tattoo
Skirt: Blueberry - Alice *Mesh* Denim Skirt Alpha (Long)
Boots: *League* - Dhara Boots [MESH] -Charcoal
Jewelry: *League*  - Wanderer Jewellery Set -Black

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